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About Clinical Research (Trials)


At WVU CPRC, our research studies compare generic to name brand medications already on the market. The research we do monitors volunteers and how the study medication or drug is absorbed and used by the human body with or without food. Research at WVU CPRC is part of a highly regulated and rigorous process that pharmaceutical companies go through to receive FDA approval, and a hopeful end result is the generic medication being released to the public. All research performed at WVU CPRC follows all regulatory and clinical practices set in the U.S.

A clinical trial is a research study that tests whether a treatment or generic medication is effective and safe for people to use. Clinical trials are performed under the strict supervision of qualified doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Prior to the start of a study, it must first be approved by an Independent Review Board (also known as IRB). The main concern of this review board is the safety of the subjects participating in the study.
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